Our team

There are currently six core team members within the ReVision Energy Partners Group:

Robert Lim
ROBERT LIM is a Malaysian founding partner of the ReVision Energy Partners Group. Robert obtained his business degree in Canada and immediately plunged into the business world. He returned home, started an insurance agency in Malaysia, made it successful, passed the reins to his brother and moved to build his success in the shoe manufacturing business. Stream Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd is into its 25th year of existence and through Robert’s sharp business acumen, persistence and diligent attitude coupled with his excellent relationship management skills and humble personality, he single-handedly built Stream Enterprise into a multi-national sourcing and manufacturing Asian corporation.

His diversification into the renewables industry is based on his personal belief that this is a sustainable and growing business, providing him a good platform to create wealth and leave a Green Legacy for the future generation. His acute business acumen and networking reach are important criteria for the Group’s success.
Emelee Law
Emelee Law
EMELEE LAW is a founding partner of the ReVision Energy Partners Group holding an MBA from the Paris Graduate School of Management, and has more than 15 years of business and corporate experience and knowledge in diverse industries which include Renewable Energies, Banking, Property Construction & Development and Hotel & Services.

In aligning her belief that the renewables industry allows her to “Do Good” and create wealth, she left the banking sector in 2010 and served as the Vice President of MK Ince and Associates, a consulting firm focused in providing consulting services in the renewable energy industry, mainly focused in Wind and Solar. In this role, besides operations, she was also responsible for formulating strategies, policies and overall direction of existing consulting businesses and upstream markets. Her role also gravitated her to maintaining relationships with major clients, regulators and contributing to a high and positive public profile for MKI. She currently maintains a shareholding in MKI.

Emelee was part of the team that conducted a nationwide feasibility study on alternative energies in Brunei in 2010/2011. Emelee is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the ReVision Energy Partners Group.

Under Emelee’s guidance, REP initiated the ReVision Solar Energy Consortium and ReVision Wind Energy Consortium to identify, develop, manage, finance, own and operate solar and wind energy projects in Asia from initial stages through to commercial operation. With the Group’s experienced and diverse complementary skills, the core team is well positioned to help many leading jurisdictions meet their increasing demand for practical and viable clean renewable energy solutions.
Sam Lim
Sam Lim
SAM LIM who is the Group’s Technical Director holds a BaSc in Electronic Engineering. Sam hails from the semi-conductor industry and have worked for multinational companies such as Harris Semiconductor, GE Semiconductor and RCA.

He has vast experience in the semi-conductor industry having involved intimately in areas of automatic testing, handling and calibration of equipment, designing of equipment using PLC, equipment design group supervision, Implementation of computer based projects for Communication and Security, Access Control System using Electronic Tags, Microwave Detection and Communication System.

Before Sam immersed himself in the Renewables Industry, focused in Solar PV,in 2009, he was the Technical Director of Edison Opto(M) Sdn. Bhd., a company that is part of the distribution network of Edison Opto in Taiwan. Sam also has experience in electronic design on SOLAR and LED based products which include PMW dimming controller, DMX controller constant current or constant voltage power supply, inverter, and hybrid charge controller Off Grid and On Grid System

With his background and passion in what he likes to do, Sam has been innovating new design and system solutions to support challenging installation situations in utility sized Solar PV Plants. He also helped the Group design a simpler and “fast to install” Solar PV Rooftop System that cuts installation to 1/3 of the normal time required.

To add to all the technical skills he possesses, he is also ReVision’s conduit to many main manufacturers and suppliers for the RE Industry. In this arena, he has excellent rapport with manufacturers and suppliers on LED and SOLAR products from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Canada and USA.

Sam was part of the core EPC team to successfully complete two major Solar PV Plants, one 5MW and the other 2MW in Malaysia.
CP Chin
CP Chin
CP CHIN has garnered wide experiences from several successful businesses that he built as a founding partner. CP who holds an Advanced Diploma in Electronic Engineering and MBA worked with Texas Instruments when he first graduated. He then joined KES Industries, a Singapore listed company and was in International Sales marketing Electronic Testing Equipment.

In 1986, CP decided to venture into his own business and founded Haltech(M) Sdn. Bhd. specialising in industrial electronics, design projects, trading and sub-assembly of electronic products. His business acumen and hard work earned him an award with the Malaysia Enterprise 50 in 1997.

In 2002, CP decided to take over another company, Systronic Industries Sdn Bhd which specialised in product manufacturing, electronic display and information systems. Before immersing himself into the renewable energy industry, focused in Solar PV, CP also ventured into the LED arena, representing LED products from LG and Edision Opto.

Currently, CP Chin is ReVision’s Group Marketing Director and brings into the Group a wealth of business and personal success stories and experiences.
John C. Forde
John C. Forde
JOHN C. FORDE holds a BASc (honours) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. John is a Professional Engineer, licensed in Ontario, with more than 25 years of large electrical and automation project experience in Canada, USA and China.

John’s career included senior roles at GE Canada and Siemens Milltronics. He was also the President/Principal Engineer of MuSoft Systems Inc. (MSI), providing automation and electrical consulting services and contract engineering to numerous global companies including AECL, BP, General Electric, GE-Hitachi Nuclear and Siemens. Project sizes ranged from $25M - $4.3B. John’s project contributions included front-end requirements analysis, detailed design, project management, systems integration and on-site commissioning. MSI holds a Certificate of Authorization from Prof. Engineers Ontario (PEO).

John entered the solar energy industry in 2009 via Solgensys serving the Ontario FIT and microFIT solar PV industry. One of the key component items in a solar energy farm is the inverter(s). John has years of experience with inverter based motor drives and industrial systems. He has been directly involved in numerous microfit and fit solar projects.

John is currently a core senior team member as the Technical Director of ReVision Energy Partners Inc., Canada.