The name ReVision Energy Partners (REV) encompasses a number of companies which operate in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development. Currently, each ReVision Energy Partner company is a private limited company.

The various ReVision companies are registered in the appropriate jurisdiction based on the sphere of operation of that company.  (e.g. ReVision Solar Sdn. Bhd., ReVision Energy Partners(M) Sdn. Bhd., ReVision Consultancy Sdn Bhd, Malaysia).

ReVision was formed with the intention of bringing Canadian experience, skills and proven processes in the renewables industry to Asia, with a strong focus in Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia. This will be further strengthened with a  REV led Consortium approach comprising of experienced and financially strong Local and International partners to forge long and mutually successful alliance and local partnerships in those countries to jointly prospect, develop, own, construct and operate renewable energy assets.

ReVision Energy Partners Inc (ReVision Inc) was formed with the specific objective of promoting the development and use of energy from renewable and sustainable resources with a primary focus on the development, construction and operation of small and medium scale wind and solar farms and to provide a vehicle to operate and manage those projects from green field throughout the life of the projects in Canada. ReVision Inc is not exclusively tied to any equipment manufacturer or construction company. With the team’s technical and business competencies coupled with strong vendor network, we can negotiate and align the most suited equipment and contractor at the most competitive rates.

ReVision Solar Sdn Bhd, Malaysia was formed to provide a one-stop solution to progress Solar PV Rooftop for the benefit of homeowners within Malaysia. The full services include Application for Feed-In-Tariff Contracts, arranging Debt Financing, Supply and Installation, Maintenance and a Real-Time Energy Yield Output Monitoring Centre for Solar PV Systems. ReVision has put in a lot of time and resources to help set a high Standard at National level.

The founding partners of ReVision are able to leverage their home country heritage, cross culture and experiences in both North America and Malaysia to bring the best out of both worlds in helping Malaysia meet its increasing demand for clean and renewable energy solutions.

ReVision Energy Partners (M) Sdn, Bhd. and ReVision led Solar Energy Consortium were initiated to identify, develop, manage, finance, own and operate solar energy projects in Malaysia and South East Asia from initial stages through to commercial operation.  With our experienced and diverse complementary skills, the core team is well positioned to help many leading jurisdictions meet their increasing demand for clean renewable energy solutions.

ReVision Off Grid Solar Consortium was specifically formed to help provide a sustainable, cost effective and “End-to-End” Solution to Malaysia’s rural off grid communities. ReVision has spent considerable time and resources in conducting detailed research including engaging many stakeholders of Off Grid situations in Malaysia. Our approach is based on a comprehensive System that incorporates specific parameters and long term maintenance solutions to ensure long term sustainability for the benefits of all stakeholders.

ReVision Wind Energy Consortium was initiated to prospect, develop, manage, finance, own and operate wind energy projects in Asia from green field through to commercialization. The members of the consortium marries experience and lessons learned from three matured markets Europe, Canada and USA with emerging markets in South East Asia.

Although the ReVision Group was formed to primarily focus on solar and wind, we are currently exploring opportunities in biomass and bio-fuels, as well as new technologies including Energy Storage, Bio-fuels, and Tidal and Wave energies.


ReVision Energy Partners (M) Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia and ReVision Energy Partners Inc, Canada are full start to finish developers. Each company either operate independently, or in cooperation with other partners whether in a formal Joint Venture structure or in a looser co – development agreement.

Basically, we prospect renewable energy opportunities, work on them with the intention of being an Independent Power Producer and/or exit strategies. As such, we identify opportunities, do the preliminary market assessment including the preliminary financials and then make informed decisions on strategies and path to pursue and progress good fit renewable energy projects until commercial operation and connected to the electrical grid.

The ReVision Group has a competent and diverse International core team and partners including ready access to a large pool of competitive and competent consultants / EPCs / Manufacturers / Business Partners to get us to where we want. It is our intention to maintain equity interests in Canada, Malaysia and Asia for the long term as we continue to build up a pipeline of renewable energy projects.

ReVision Solar Energy Consortium and ReVision Wind Energy Consortium were initiated to undertake utility scale solar and wind energy projects in Asia. ReVision Energy Partners Group with its experienced and multi skilled core team members have many years of business and work experience in Asia which is crucial to the success of a ReVision led Consortium approach and partnership with local partners.

We understand the local environment and culture and therefore have the advantage to act as the “bracket” to align all the various components; Strategy and Planning, Finances, Governance and Compliance, Operations and Market Alignment specific to each home country to progress all opportunities into viable projects. We will engage our strategic consortium partners when the need arises in the standard project life cycle working towards a successful completion of each project that ReVision undertakes.